Indonesia is one of the world most exotic places for you to consider for your next vacation


We are specialists in designing tailor-made  wildlife tour for individual or group tours :

Borneo Orangutan, Sumatran Orangutan, Komodo Dragon, Tarsius Spectrum, Macaca Nigra, Endemic Bird of Indonesia

Volcano Tour

Indonesia is one of the world most exotic places for the tropical mountain trekking and volcano tour.

Mount Semeru, Mount Bromo Ijen, Mount Rinjani, Mount Kerinci, Mount Agung, Mount Arjuna Welirang, Carstensz Pyramid

Cultural Heritage

Experience the best of Indonesian culture and heritage sites through our customized itinerary.

Yogyakarta, Borobudur Temple, Prambanan, Bali, Toraja

Leisure Trip

With boutique hotels and resorts at exotic locations, we offers  great value for money and a  unique vacation experience.

Tribes Tour

Get a first hand experience of local tribes maintaining their ancient customs, their unique lifestyle and traditions.

Textile Tour

Explore the crafts and textiles of Indonesia on a custom-designed trip : ikat weaving, batik, embroidery, pottery, metalwork, and many more

Birding Tour

Our Indonesia birding  trips  
covering Sulawesi, Halmahera, West Papua, Java, Bali and Flores.


Explore  Indonesia on a custom-designed trip : cultural, wildlife, leisure, trekking.

Indonesia archipelago is an ideal place for sailing due to its vast number of islands and pristine waters full of exotic animals and plants lives. You can explore the nameless tiny islands that would be virtually impossible to reach even for the most interpid traveler. Untouched pristine beaches, uninhabited islands with its blue water and white sandy beaches, and some of the world's best dive sites are yours to explore.


Eastern part of Indonesia is a dream world for travellers. From Flores to Irian Jaya, far from the crowds of Java, Bali, thousands of undisturbed small islands are waiting for the tropical seas and lands explorer.


The pinisi are elegant two-masted schooners with sails, top-sails and three jibs. Today, while still hand-built by native craftmen and fully laid in teak wood with traditional riggings, they usually hold an engine in addition to the sails. The traditional Phinisi design and sailing characteristics have been specially built to meet the requirements of modern travelers for comfort and safety.